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Refining a current strategy or supervising the development of a new. Together with the customer, we advise on the needed strategy development scope and support the subsequent creation.

To ensure corporate understanding and sufficient anchoring, we focus on spending the time necessary for all executives and employees to feel comfortable in the process. The strategy must be internally developed, with support and coaching on facilitation, scope, and potential stress-testing.

Our process is simple

01 Scoping

Whether you already have a strategy, or you decide to begin from scratch, we support and coach you through the process of scoping the right strategy process.

02 Facilitation

The orchestration of internal experts combined with inspiration from other sectors and industries supports a creative strategy process.

03 Customization

Clear and evolved strategy objectives that do not conflict with organizational matureness and company values are essential to later implementation.

04 Cool-down

A detailed communication plan on the strategy and on the implementation to come ensures organizational anchoring and buy-in.

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A focused development approach for a specific group function, business area, group of people, or on an individual basis is a delicate task. We advise and coach so that technological goals and human capabilities are proportionally linked, now and in the future.

We recognize the pain and challenges that come with the proposed changes, and based on experience, we provide support on key topics and challenges so that the unforeseen becomes foreseen.

Our process is simple

01 Alignment

Whether it is individual coaching or development of a business unit or a larger group of people, we always ensure alignment of purpose and objectives.

02 Opening

Jointly, we design the development phase and contents for the individual, business unit, or group in scope.

03 Exploration and documentation

Whether the changes are of technological or human character, they require in-depth
understanding and documentation.

04 Implementation

We discuss, agree, and plan the implementation and the requirements for its success.

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Our services span from advice on strategy implementation to support and supervision of M&A activities.

We always strive to combine hands-on experience from former senior executives with an outside-in perspective from consultants with experience from multiple industries. By doing so, we ensure a tailored alignment between the change management process, capabilities, and current state of the organization and project in scope.

Our process is simple

01 Preparation

Implementing a strategy is detailed work which requires organizational understanding in addition to a realistic view on the capabilities at hand.

02 Kick-off

Transparency and stakeholder involvement throughout the entire organization is paramount to a successful transformation. Inclusion of project ambassadors and superior management support is essential for the project to get off to the right start.

03 Implementation

A monitored and tailored implementation where everyone is included yields the best results. It is important that no-one is left behind.

04 Cool-down

Evaluation and celebrations round off the successful implementation.